BERLIN, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 16: Arnold Schwarzenegger poses with award at the Bambi Awards 2017 winners board at Stage Theater on November 16, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Isa Foltin/Getty Images for Kryolan) *** Local Caption *** Arnold Schwarzenegger

Berlin, September 2017

Once again, Kryolan puts the red-carpet stars center stage at the 2017 BAMBI awards.
This is the glamor event of the year: in addition to attracting well-known national stars, the BAMBI awards also attract many high-ranking stars from outside of Germany. A wonderful opportunity to stride across the red carpet in full style, introduce the latest trends, and show off your best side. Once again the exclusive make-up partner of the BAMBI awards, the international cosmetics manufacturer Kryolan is supporting the event with specially created Red Carpet Looks so that stars can make a perfect entrance: the discrete “no make-up look” for him and the popular “millennial pink” for her.

These internationally renowned faces are rarely under as much pressure as they are on the red carpet: under the glaring spotlights, they are subjected to the scrutiny of the audience and the cameras. That is why the Kryolan team again provided the national and international guests with the perfect make-up.

BERLIN, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 16:  Arnold Schwarzenegger poses with award at the Bambi Awards 2017 winners board at Stage Theater on November 16, 2017 in Berlin, Germany.  (Photo by Isa Foltin/Getty Images for Kryolan) *** Local Caption *** Arnold Schwarzenegger

This season’s color trend is “millennial pink,” and it creates fashionable, expressive eyes. This year, however, the theme is intensity, with deliberate but “unintentional” highlights. Not precise, but that is the cost of being cool; simply and almost carelessly blended onto the eyelids, the eye make-up gives off a feeling of free-spiritedness and casual elegance. Strong contours give way to trendy strobing. The 2017/2018 red carpet season is also celebrating rouge’s big comeback, with cheeks glowing in dewy peach tones. Lavish but natural eyebrows add a touch of the wild, and
softly gleaming lips provide a calm contrast, complementing the look. A combination of subtlety and intensity that leaves both an impression and a sense of playfulness.

For him: definitely make-up, but as subtle as possible. For a blemish-free complexion, skin irregularities and redness disappear under concealer and foundation, while darker nuances discreetly accentuate contours and highlight those attractive, masculine facial features. Transparent mascara and colorless eyebrow gel tame and define lashes and brows, making the eyes the most expressive part of the face – a naturally glowing look, guaranteeing a magical moment in the flurry of camera flashes.

“Even men strive for a perfect look,” acknowledges Paul Merchant, Global Head of Make-up for Kryolan. “But discretion plays an important role,” the expert continues. “The daring millennial pink look might seem risky at first glance, but make-up is a creative outlet, it’s fun, and because it’s only temporary, experiments are allowed. After all, we want to look our best.”

And just like last year, Kryolan is also giving all make-up enthusiasts a taste of that red-carpet feeling: exclusively for the BAMBI awards, visitors to Kryolan stores will have the opportunity to be made up fit for the red-carpet – you’re guaranteed to feel like a star.

About Kryolan:
Founded in 1945, Kryolan is the leading international manufacturer of professional make-up. Kryolan‘s roots are in theater cosmetics. The executives of the family business still always keep an open ear for the needs and wishes of the make-up artists and develop custom products for specific theater productions. Over the past 40 years the company has greatly expanded internationally and long ago moved beyond limiting itself to just theater. Kryolan is the exclusive make-up partner for BAMBI since 2014, London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Britain‘s and Ireland‘s and America‘s Next Top Model, RuPaul’s Drage Race (3rd seasosn) The Pink Ribbon Foundation London and even blockbusters like Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, The White Ribbon, Hunger Games, Cloud Atlas or internationally successful series like Star Trek or Game of Thrones – all testament to the fact that make-up artists and stylists rely on Kryolan‘s made-in-Germany quality for film, TV and photographic productions.

Kryolan is committed to taking care of its employees, has always forgone the use of animal testing and is involved in charity projects. Theatrical and other professional make-up artists receive support through numerous seminars, workshops and the Global Face Art international make-up conference. Each year, Kryolan gives out the 14-carat Golden Mask award for exceptional achievements in theatrical make-up artistry in the two categories of national and international as well as the Golden Mask for make-up art.